Nissan leaf motor to VW adapter kit


Adapter assembly kit for mounting a Nissan leaf motor (em57) to a old VW beetle or bus.

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Adapter kit for matting a Nissan leaf electric motor (em57) into a air cooled VW beetles, bus, Karmann Ghia, VW Camper, Porsche 356, etc


This is a clutch-free, flywheel-free design. The motor output shaft is directly connected to the input shaft of the vw gearbox via the coupler included in the kit.

*some additional fabrication is required for the motor shaft coupling

There is no need for a clutch in a electric conversion. Simply shift into the desired gear, with no motor “idling” shifting is even simpler with no clutch!

*input shaft of the gearbox requires to be cut down 1-3cm for clearance


kit includes:

1x nissan leaf motor (em57) to nema b-face adapter plate

1x nema b-face spacer

1x vw gearbox to nema b-face adapter plate

1x blank Nissan leaf motor couplerĀ 

included hardware:

4x 2.75in 3/8-16 hex bolts

4x flat and lock washers

6x M10 SHCS bolts

3x M10 nylock nuts





Additional information

Weight 7.8 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 10 cm


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