electric brat specs

I get a lot of questions about they brat, here’s a spec list:

dry weight:



-nissan leaf em57 + inverter (stock 80kw, pushed to 140kw)


openinverter replacement brain board

drive train:

-clutchless, directly mounted to the brats original 4wd 4spd manual.(yes, it will eventually blow up)
torq locker in the rear diff.


-3x tesla model 3 short modules(from a 55kwh stander range pack)
-72s, 38kwh 285v
-cell delta: 210mv. needs balancing.
-20kwh usable
mounted behind the seats in the cab for optimal weight distribution… and weather protection. safety….well…
-range: 160km @ 22kwh (conservative hwy-ish driving)


-10kwh with a 42 amp 240v connection.
tesla model S 10kw charger with daimen’s replacement board
-outlander PHEV OBC/DCDC for 400v to 12v
-no fast charging(yet) 🙁



-stock torsion bar
-10in bilstein shocks
-2×2 extended trailing arms (2in longer, 2in wider. just like the baja bugs!)
-ea82 axles, with front inner doj on ether end (front doj have more plunge than rears)
-xt6 hubs for 5×100 conversion.
-modified 2006 legacy backing plate
-2006 legacy brakes


-2in longer lower control arm + more caster.
-2014 forester knuckle (5×100!)
-2006 wrx brakes
-20mm drop on the inner trailing arm mount for more “pro-dive” geometry
-93 impreza cv axles (2in longer than brats axles, and have the 23spline inner joint to mate with the brats 4spd)
-modified 06 sti inverted rear struts… (yes rear struts in the front, they have more travel)
-2004 forester rear springs


-speedline 15in alloys.

yup these are rare. craiglist find…

balanced and cleaned up. painted white. looks like the og brat wheels!

-wraped in some geolander geo15 215/75/15 AT’s
good balance between off road grip and rolling resistance. and noise..and weight.

futures planes and upgrades:

-tesla modle s dcdc converter (smaller, lighter), or swap charger + dcdc to model 3 PCS
-battery cooling
-add 4th tesla module
-move to tesla NACS charge port
-chademo fast charging
-solar tonue cover!
-v2X to run induction cooker, tools, etc
-dual motor drive train

dual motor variations:
-2 leaf motors
-outlander rear motor in rear, leaf in front
-outlander rear motor in rear, toyota mgr in front
-tesla SDU in rear, outlander rear motor in front

leaning toward outlander and the mgr. the potential power to weight ratio may be ideal. id like to get 180kw peak.

opens up engine bay for a funk! or a spare tire again!

the brat is always changing.

I drive it hard (over 5000km and counting!)

I break stuff.

Electric R&D baby!

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